Penjagaan Kesihatan Mental Dalam Pandemic Covid-19


Dr. Karen Sharmini Sandanasamy (Pakar Perubatan Kesihatan Awam)
Dr. Malar Velli a/p Segarmurthy (Pegawai Perubatan)

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Mala N: i am not sure if i am developing paranoia, that i think i am always visualizing how the virus is spreading. i got worried and scared to even touch lift button.

Margaret L: Dr, thank you for the advice that you gave earlier asking me to move back to my parents house first. I have earlier spoken to my husband but he strongly opposed. He even said that if I leave his parents house now, don't come back anymore. He can't stand it either but he has no choice as he can't leave his parents house. He demanded me to be around but I really can't stand anymore

Sudhir B: We have heard of cases where Covid19 positive patients commit suicide due to stress. Does our Covid19 treatment centres have trained personnel to recognise and handle these types of psycho-social stress.

Shikin M: my kids drive me crazy spend much time on TV and Hp what can i do.

Nadzeura B: I have trouble sleeping at nite during this MCO. I don't have this problem before. Is it bcoz I am worried to much or I am not well?

Amira N: What could the impact of the COVID-19 crisis be on children’s mental health?

Kaasi M: Doctor, for dialysis person, especially to an elderly; can;t take a bath after coming back from a session. so we're worried (the patient as well as family members at home) that we can't take care of the personal hygienic enough as encourage. This is causing an uncomfortable feeling to both side, that we might be carrying the virus already. what can be done?

Margaret L: I am staying with my in-laws and 2 sister in-laws. WIth everyone at home for the past 2 weeks, there are so many conflicts and arguing and I cannot stand anymore. I intend to move back to my parents home and leave my husband and children first. Otherwise, I will go crazy.

M G: Yes, dr. Decided divoice not only this time. I try my best to be their connection bridge. I really feel unsecure and do not trust the true love will existing in my life.

Gayathri A: Hi Dr, thanks for doing this. Even though I am working from home, but I do feel restless at times. You see I like to go out and drive around, but with MCO I can't do such thing. I don't think I'm depressed, but I am darn bored. How should I clear my mind during this time? Any recommendations?

Alex L: My wife works with MOH and was close contact with positive case. Now she is doing self isolation. I have two young kids. I am afraid to go for testing as afraid if both of us need to be admitted, no one will look after the kids

TEH K: Feeling stress staying at home whole day, what can I do?

M G: My parent alway keep quarrel during MCO. They r not frequence see each other during work time. They decided to divoice. Pls help.

Syahrol S: How to handle stress during MCO as many employees need to take unpaid leave and some of them are unemployed?

Khalid C: How can one cope with the feelings of isolation at home?

James W: My wife always keep asking me to wash hand before and after meal...always said COVID..COVID..COVID term... Really make me anxiety about this. How to overcome this problem?

Khalid C: How can I find therapy during the MCO for my mental health?

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