Buah & Penyakit Kronik: Membantu atau Membantut?


2020-06-25 at 03:00PM --> 03:30PM


1. Norasimah Kassik (Pegawai Dietetik BPKK)
2. Mohd Farid Sani (Pegawai Dietetik KK Putrajaya Presint 18)


Henydzen H: that's a great explanation

Nur L: also some other combination of durian with few food could be harmful, is it just a myth or what?

Nur L: as we know, now is the season of durian, is it true if we eat the durian with fresh milk with be harmful for our health?


Sakinah K: good job bro farid & kak sim, tq for sharing 😊

Charles C: does musang king count as a good fruit to eat? i.e helps with hypertension, covid, etc.

Hartini N: Hi

Kanagesvary N: Hi

Razak R: Hi..

Abdul rahman A: Hi saya rahman

Gaauori R: Hi im in

Nur L: hi ✋

Alice W: Hi

Azlina A: Hi👋

Henydzen H: interesting topic today!

Yusri N: Nk tnya, ada provide e-cert tak..? boleh masuk mycpd.. hehe

Syafiq S: Hi

Mohd K: Hi

Charles C: 👋

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