Mindful Eating


Food & Nutrition

UCSI University
Dr.Satvinder Kaur


Mohd F: im very much eat to live type of person

Mohd F: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckr83FMr2LzPdwb7KpnBX4B9upediluc8krGukdx6j5-cJ9g/viewform

Mohd F: can i see the google form again?

Azlina A: Hai

Mohd F: i am drinking coffee for the CAFFEINE

Razak R: Hi

Wei Xin T: Hi

ying xiang o: hi, im here

Wei Xin T: Hi

sui fang l: Hi

Aruna N: Hi, I’m join in

Tan E: You are what you eat

Jing wen T: Hi

Nor S: hi..im here🤗

Izwani I: Hi. Im here

Aruna N: Hi

Gaauori R: Hi

Tan E: Hi, minnasan

Noor S: Hi

NURHAZWANI D: Hello everyone

Muhammad Syahmi M: Hai

Vaiithieswari N: Hello

Mohd F: hello

Soo Y: hey

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