Sleep Disorder


Mental Health

Dr Aida Harlina Psychiatrist 
Hospital Serdang 


Karen S: Thanks for sharing very informative

Alex L: Thanks Dr Aida. I am not seeing any doctor or therapist. Anyone I can go to?

Huda S: Hi..thanks for sharing great topic..

Jia Hui C: Hi

Jolene S: Hi, morning

Alex L: Morning, good topic today. I am having difficulty sleeping at night. Is it because I have too much worry?

Muhammad A: Hi

Joyce C: Hi

Nor zamzurina I: Hi

Aruna N: I’m in

Noor S: Hi

Azlina A: Hi


Ahmad Nizam Z: Ma.Nizam ; Selamat Pagi

Nor S: hi

Muhammad Syahmi M: Hi

Vaiithieswari N: Hello

Soo Y: hello

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