Emotion Focused Coping


Mental Health

Dr Siti Salwa Ramly
Pakar Perunding Psikiatri 
Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim 


Leng J: Yes. The audio is very clear

Kalai C: Tqvm for the twitch tv link. Able to see and hear boss

Shamshunnisah A: tried so many times but failed to view

Azizul A: Kalai C. You can view at https://www.twitch.tv/mohwebinar

Kalai C: why cant see 😕

Leng J: https://m.twitch.tv/mohwebinar I can view it from. This site

Leng J: Yes. I can hear you

SEOK CHING L: i also cannot view it

Yue Wen C: i cant view the webinar

Leng J: I cant view the webinar.

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