Apakah COVID-19 Dan Langkah-Langkah Pencegahan


Dr. Fatanah bt Ismail (Pakar Perubatan Kesihatan Awam)
Dr. Mohd Safiee bin Ismail (Pakar Perubatan Kesihatan Awam)
Webinar ini akan membicarakan tentang "social distancing" yang perlu diberi penekanan semasa wabak Covid-19.

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Mun Peng L: Thank you for doctor clarification and useful information. ^^

Junnie P: Macam mana exercise di rumah ><?

Nursyafiqah N: Hi doctor, do you think it’s safe to receive a package from any area where covid 19 has been reported? It’s scared me knowing how easily covid 19 can spread to a person. So , I’m curious. Thank you in advance!

Mun Peng L: Just want to check, recovered COVID-19 patient will high risk get back 2nd attack of COVID 19. What precaution should we do to protect our love one if family member was recovered from COVID 19?

Amira N: My sister body temperature is high (~38) every morning and night. Does she need to worried and go for screening?

Charles C: Tks!

Haziq M: Tks doc. I’m more worried because my colleagues are PUI still waiting results. If I want to do test, should I do so? Heard now waiting time very long...

Yap Y: Hi Dr. How do I tell the difference between cold/flu and coronavirus?

Charles C: Would also like to ask, what are your views on Rapid Test Kits. Thanks!

Charles C: Tks for the answer Dr. I have a better understanding on the use of a mask

Mun Peng L: May I know pregnant woman compulsory to proceed COVID test before her delivery during this critical period?

Haziq M: Thanks doctors for doing this. My throat has been a little itchy, got a bit of phlegms. Should I be worried? How to monitor if I should go do test? Tks :)

TEH K: Some hand sanitizer does not contain alcohol, are they effecting in killing the virus?

Aina N: My son is coming back from US. He has no symptoms. Does he need to go for screening?

Charles C: Hi Dr. Is there any benefit to wearing a mask if I have no symptoms?

TEH K: Hi doctors! thanks for the effort and services on the frontline!

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