Pengurusan Stres Dalam Tempoh PKP (Stress Management During MCO)


Mental Health

Dr. Rafidah Binti Aga Mohd Jaladin
Life Member of PERKAMA International
Senior Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya


Affendi O: Wa'alaikum salam wrt wbt Dr.

Mohd Shamsuri M: Terima kasih.. Maklumat bermanfaat

Affendi O: Terima kasih Dr. Rafidah. Maklumat bermanfaat.

Kelly B: Thank you, Dr Rafidah. I found this session helpful

Mohd F: I find just changing my workplace from home helps me a lot

Mohd Shamsuri M: 😁

Mohd Shamsuri M: Assalamualaikum all

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