Kekal Positif Dengan Daya Tindak Ketara Sedar Spiritual (Stay Positive With Mindfulness Spiritual Coping)


2020-06-01 at 10:00AM --> 10:30AM

Mental Health

Pn. Kamariah Binti Derasol
Member of PERKAMA International
Pegawai Psikologi Kanan
Bahagian Kaunseling Universiti Putra Malaysia


Karen S: Thank you for sharing

NIK NURIN KAMELIA B: Macam mana nak kekalkan positif dalam diri secara konsisten?

Azizul A: Thank you for sharing. I have family members who are really negative and the energy is so low whenever you are with them. I have tried advising them to think positive but they seem to go back to their negative thinking. Any advice?

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