Digital Detox


Mental Health

Panelist: AISYAH GHAZALAN, Clinical Psychologist (HOSPITAL PERMAI, JB)

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During Covid-19, we are spending a lot more time on screens than we may really want to over the next few weeks and months. But now, more than ever, we NEED to make careful choices on how we use screens to ensure we protect our mental and physical health at this time. 


Karen S: when we set limits then there should be a mechanism where we alert the rest so that they don't disturb us

Henydzen H: great sharing!

Azizul A: Due to work, we have to constantly check our phones for WhatsApp messages and emails, especially during this MCO period. How to detox?

Azizul A: Yes can hear now

Karen S: And there’s no sound

Karen S: Hi unable to connect

Azizul A: Yeah no sound

Heid H: How to see friends, go dating?

Joffie J: There's no sound?

Heid H: How to be sane when every news is bad news! People dying, unemployement etc

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