Life in Terrarium: Growth in confinement


Mental Health

Panelist: CYNTHIA BRENDA JIKOLIN (Hospital Miri)

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Plants planted inside the confined space of glass containers can grow healthily given the right care. It is not impossible for us humans to continue nurturing ourselves and to keep growing despite limited mobility during this challenging time. Cynthia, Clinical Psychologist from Hospital Miri will be sharing her lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic


Aisyah G: Thank you Cynthia

NOMIDAY D: TQ for sharing Cynthia! Good to have you back in Miri and serve the people of Miri!

NOMIDAY D: self-control, coming back to our faith, be calm, sensible, be grateful, monitor your health & exercise, do what you love/passionate about, keep busy with my working from home tasks, self-discovery by reading, learnnew stuff -> all these keeps me calm duing MCO

Alex L: Any tips to improve mental wellness?

Alex L: Great sharing. Thanks. Life is full of ups and downs. We have to be strong. Keep calm and stay safe

Mohd F: how much did you exercise during this period?

Heid H: Drives me crazy!

Heid H: How to be happy staying home all day!

Mohd F: Terrarium, Tak boleh pergi ke taman? Bawa taman ke dalam rumah!

NOMIDAY D: Hi all, just in.

Alex L: Morning, interesting title

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