Parenting Special Needs: What Can I Do?


Mental Health

Panelist: HO KYE LE (Hospital Tunku Azizah KL) 


Bina Y: Good Morning, i would like to ask for severe cases of Autistic children, when returning to therapy centre, it is really difficult for them to be on the mask , do you think face shield would be sufficient?

lesley j: thank you

Mohd F: I understand, cause my child is often very hyperactive, does that mean that he has ADHD or ADD?

lesley j: attention

lesley j: any clue ?:pls

James L: Please adjust the focus

lesley j: my boy keep taping his tummy .any reason ?

James L: Loss video

Mohd F: I find my child having difficulties to concentrate on the tasks , they understand how to do it but get easily distracted to do them, what can i do to help?

Mohd F: Good morning

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