Embracing “New Normal”: Challenges and Ways of Coping (Memperkenalkan “Normal Baru”: Cabaran dan Cara Menanganinya)


Mental Health

Panel: TUNKU SARAA BT TUNKU BADLI (Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta)


Henydzen H: any good article or information that we can read about this online?

Meza M: I like the concept of Minddful. I have been going digital for almost e months. I have come to acceptance despite of some frustration. i keep my self positive by managing my thoughts by looking at different perspective. I like how you explain this

Suzila R: Setuju.Bersyukurlah dengan kehidupan yg diberi.Nikmatilah setiap yg ada disekeliling dengan menghargai,menyayangi dan menghormati.Kita akan lebih BAHAGIA.

Alex L: You are right. It was difficult to make adjustments to the new norm in the beginning but now seems to adapt to it. I guess we just have to accept changes and move on

Heid H: I cannot go dating for months so how?

Heid H: How to think positive in this market environment?

Chevy B: without interaction with friends only doing digitally is weird. so how should be address it?

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