Worry too much


Mental Health

Dr. N. Sankari Ganesh
Psychiatrist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellow


fadzlin k: My niece loves watching anime and sometimes carry away with the characters from reality life....is this normal? She talks and laugh alone too (in her imaginary world)

Krishna D: Going on a tangent here, since you touched on ADHD. How do you differentiate between a person with ADHD, and a person with Anxiety + Depression? I was diagnosed with the latter, but I strongly feel I'm on the adhd spectrum.

Suriati R: SURIATI BINTI ROHIM Hospital Simunjan

Puan Eija N: Tq doct..

Abu A: My niece is aged 3+. He always keep repeating his need eg: I want eat banana....till we fulfill his requirement. Any better way to educate him? We are not always fulfill his need.

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