Persediaan Malaysia Dalam Pengurusan Vaksin Covid-19



Dr Noorhaire Nordin


Betline T: Good

Veronica E: Thank you

Suhaili Z: Very clear. Thank you so much BookDoc & Dr Noorhaire

Imelda T: I can’t hear anything

Roziella R: JT Roziella from PKK KK

Nor B: Yes i’m also can’t view

YEE S: Hi, Yee here. Why cannot view?

Siti Hajar Z: Hi Assalamualaikum hajar dari ISN

Tseu L: Hi... Jm Tseu li fong

norhayati a: Salam sejahtera dan selamat tengahari.

Lovelin p: Hi slmt peteng semua

Siti L: Selamat tghr Dr tq for sharing

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