Aktiviti-Aktiviti Untuk Pelajar Semasa COVID-19


Dr. Norhaire Sumarlie bin Nordin (Pegawai Perubatan)
Dr. Don Ismail bin Mohamed (Pegawai Perubatan)


Robert B: I feel these slides are more for me than my kids . Haha

Low P: Any E learning program for disable children?

Robert B: Tq

Robert B: Will e-learning be the new norm? (Even after MCO) or is e-learning only for this period.

Azizul A: Is it safe for students to go back to school after the MCO been lifted? I hope my children can continue to do e-learning until a vaccine is available

PG K: Hi Dr, any recommended website for e-learning for age 10 and age 15?

Robert B: Hi Drs. Thanks for doing this.

Shikin M: salam Dr,saya mendapati agak mencabar utk mendisplin anak anak menyiapkan tugasan yg guru sekolah berikan ....

Ali F: My son is hard to pay attention to learn if using e-learning method. My wife and me work from home. But we are really unable to pay full attention to my son. What kind of activities suitable to him?

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