Pencegahan and Kawalan COVID-19 di Institusi Penjagaan


2020-04-03 at 02:00PM --> 02:30PM

Dr Salimah bt Othman (Pakar Perubatan Kesihatan Awam)
Dr Noraliza bt Noordin Merican (Pakar Perubatan Kesihatan Awam)


Jon S: Adakah haba dari matahari boleh membunuh virus covid-19?

Heid H: Tks

Heid H: Tks for your time also

Nadia B: boleh kah individu yg telah menjalani kuarantin selama 14 hari akan mengalami simptom selepas 14 hari itu..?

Raj K: tq

Raj K: Hi doctors... I buy a lot of food from Food Panda/ Grab Food (Delivery services). Is it safe?

Mohd F: Apakah kemungkinan MCO ini dipanjangkan selepas 14 april?

Azizul A: Kalau ada pekerja di institusi yang didapati positif, apakah tindakan yang perlu diambil oleh pengurus institusi itu. Apa yang akan terjadi penghuni

KS L: Tks for the info

Khairi T: Thanks info...From Sintok.

KS L: Hi Dr., I am 58 y.o. (2020). Do I need to be worried about COVID as I have read it is more dangerous for people around my age

Syahrol S: Dr, adakah sy perlu guna handsanitizer lagi selepas sya memegang sesuatu di tempat awam walaupun sy Bru sahaja menggunakannya?

Muhd Z: There are a lot of efforts in many countries doing contract tracing by using technology. Does MOH provide any mobile app to do contact tracing which will be very helpful to track those infected and curb the spread?

Charles C: Are symptoms amongst the elder more serious? I.e. Would they have higher levels of fever, cough more, etc..

Henydzen H: Is wearing a mask really helpful if I have no symptoms or sick?

Charles C: Hi Dr. Tks for doing this

Henydzen H: We have pass 14 days of the movement control order, does this mean that we are free of Covid-19 if we do not have symptom now?

Heid H: I won’t get covid being at home but m being fat how?

Heid H: Is women mystery what prone to covid than man?

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